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And man is a giddy thing

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Hi! Welcome to my journal!=3
You can call me k-chan! I’m 24 years old girl( ugh gatting old!D:)that lives in Brazil. My obsessions are: MUSIC!! Music for me is everything! I don’t live without music, and that’s why my Ipod is always with me. But I love lot of things such as: Anime- Gundan Wing, Ouran, Fullmetal Alchemist, etc.- photoshop, graphics, sitcoms - Supernatural, The Big Bang Theory,Two and a half man, Smallville,etc.- movies, clothing, animals, jdramas. I’m very friendly...I don’t bite, but don’t let me angry! XD I don’t like drama on any way, I ran away as fast as I can when I see one. But I can be a good friend on difficult times!^_~

My journal is friend only,be welcome to add me if we have any interest in common and , if you add me, leave a comment. I ask this just for the sake of keeping my LJ life barely organized.
This are my communities!=3
and mine graphic community.Here is where I’ll post my recent graphics.Please go check it out!

misao_duo and mine community.If you like A9 you have to come here.It`s an a9 icontest community!;3 be welcome to join and participate!

MY oh-so-Favaourite OTP! A place for SagaxNaoxSaga fans!=3

My past works! =3
My graphics

All the constest that I have won!^____^

My Awards

Here are the resources that I use!


poupeegirl fashion brand community

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poupeegirl fashion brand community